The ABCs of DKA: An interactive computer simulation of DKA management

Faculty: Dr. Catherine Yu
Division: Endocrinology
Hospital: St. Michael’s Hospital
Student: Kenneth Yp

Web-Based Breast Cancer Survivor Plan

Faculty: Dr. Rashida Haq
Division: Oncology
Hospital: St. Michael’s Hospital
Student: Benjamin Li

Lung Transplant Teaching Tool

Faculty: Dr. Cecilia Chaparro
Division: Respirology
Hospital: UHN
Student: Wensi Sheng

Web-Based Interactive Modules for Patient Care in Viral Hepatitis

Faculty: Dr. Herman Shah
Division: GI
Hospital: Toronto Western
Student: Genevieve Brydson

Feasibility and Utility of handheld device in med education

Faculty: Dr. Liesly Lee
Division: Neurology
Hospital: UHN
Student: Jeff Alfonsi

Senior admitting resident simulation

Faculty: Dr. Robert Wu
Division: GIM
Hospital: UHN
Student: Albert Fung

Delirium for Surgeons

Faculty: Dr. Camilla Wong
Division: Geriatrics
Hospital: SMH
Student: Maria Romanova

ABC of Infection Prevention and Control

Faculty: Dr. Matthew Muller
Division: ID
Hospital: SMH
Student: Tabetha Lulham