About Us

This online Breast Cancer Guide has been designed by Dr. Rashida Haq, Dr. Fok-Han Leung, Dr. Janet Parsons, Kathy Vu, Lineke Heus, Daisy Dastur, and Benjamin Li. It is the result of a pilot research project conducted at St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) from 2009-2010. The focus of that study was to understand and address the information and communication needs surrounding ongoing clinical care for breast cancer survivors at SMH. Patients who have received clinical care for breast cancer, primary care physicians providing follow up care to breast cancer patients, as well as health professionals providing specialist care to breast cancer patients, were interviewed about their experiences of communication and their information needs.

This website is part of our care plan, and is based on the insights from people who have gone through similar experiences as you. From the results of the pilot study, it became clear that patients needed a Personalized Multifaceted Care Plan (PMCP) consisting of concise information in a stepwise manner, and timely follow-up guidelines by the primary care physicians. In the knowledge translation research phase of this project, we are refining and assessing the PMCP (consisting of an initial treatment Plan, a personalized care plan at the end of active treatment, and the website) through a randomized study enrolling post-surgical breast cancer patients seen at the CIBC Breast Centre at SMH, and will measure specific outcomes in the group with and without the PMCP.

We hope that this guide helps you navigate through reliable resources, services and information found inside and outside the hospital.

We wish to continue to learn from your experiences and encourage you to provide feedback and suggestions. For any suggestions for additions to our website, resources or sharing of any personal information, please email Nayantara Jainudeen at jainudeenn@smh.ca. For any technical or layout related matters, email our webmaster at benjamin.li@utoronto.ca

This research project is supported by a grant from the University of Toronto and from generous donation from the Wings of Hope.

To view our paper, “Designing a multifaceted survivorship care plan to meet the information and communication needs of breast cancer patients and their family physicians: results of a qualitative pilot study.” click here.

This page was last modified on March 30, 2013.