Welcome to the Online SMH-Wings of Hope-Breast Cancer Guide for Health Care Professionals.

Thank you for participating in this research study of a web- and paper-based Personalized Multifaceted Care Plan (PMCP) for breast cancer patients. The goal of this plan is to educate, engage and empower patients to care for themselves and improve their quality of life, communication with primary care physicians to ensure a seamless transition into the community.

We, at St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) have developed this e-tool to provide information on common issues for primary care physicians treating breast cancer patients.

To assess the benefit of the PMCP, we have randomized breast cancer patients who received treatment at SMH into intervention (PMCP) and control (standard care) groups. Patients in the intervention group will receive a treatment plan prior to active treatment, and a follow-up care plan. Patients in the study will be requested to share the plan with the primary care physicians at the first post-treatment appointment. For patients who are not receiving chemotherapy the intervention of the care plan will be given at the beginning of their treatment.