The philosophy of #GeriMedJC is to promote international engagement around recent literature in geriatric medicine.

The journal club has been a tradition in the education of physicians for a very long time. The general purpose of a journal club is to facilitate the review of a specific research study and to discuss implications of the study for clinical practice. It is an educational meeting in which a group of individuals discuss current articles, providing a forum for a collective effort to keep up with the literature.

Traditional format journal clubs take place in a physical space at a pre-determined time.  Articles for critical appraisal and discussion are distributed in advance to attendees.  There is a facilitator for the meeting.  The participants may be restricted to a particular discipline.

Twitter is an online-microblogging tool.  We were inspired by the successes of #NephJC and #RSJC that engaged the nephrology and respirology Twitter communities.

#GeriMedJC was created as a Twitter complement to the traditional-format, live Geriatric Medicine Journal Club. The live stream is broadcasted through ZOOM and archived on YouTube. #GeriMedJC allows unrestricted participation across time zones and embraces participation beyond physicians to include allied health workers, patients, advocacy organizations, and caregivers.  Geriatric medicine, after all, is a team sport!

#GeriMedJC is a community driven initiative and everyone who contributes has some role in its evolution and success!

See our presentation at the 2015 International Conference on Residency Education to learn more about #GeriMedJC!